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Successful merger and acquisition activity can produce a significant pay off in both the short and long term.

From time to time, companies seek opportunities to increase revenues and build company value through new relationships such as a strategic partnership, licensing agreement or even acquisitions. But since these occur infrequently, it’s simply a waste of resources to maintain in-house employees for pursuing them.

Midstreet Capital supplements your internal capabilities with the expertise to identify or capitalize on these types of opportunities through strategic planning and implementation. By leveraging technology and unique data sets, Midstreet Capital is able to offer these services in a cost-effective manner for most small businesses and lower middle market companies. If executed properly, successful merger and acquisition activity can compress many years of slow, organic growth into one, large immediate growth step.

Our acquisition services unleash acquisitions as a powerful strategic tool for our clients. Our search solution includes the following:

  • Use of targeting information and metrics to narrow the universe of targets.
  • Use of acquisition prospecting software and database engines to generate lists of prospects.
  • Use of our merger and acquisition expertise to establish credibility for the buyer.
  • Use of financial modeling and industry data to develop valuation ranges.
  • Use of our Financing expertise to establish financing credibility for the buyer.

We will manage and execute a high-touch, targeted outreach campaign that will allow you to accomplish transactions essential to the development and growth of your company. From researching and identifying the most strategic opportunities, originating, managing the transaction process, and closing the acquisition, your transaction is our focus—whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a new venture, a main street business looking for scale guidance, or an established business looking to grow faster.

Specifically, you will receive:

  • Strategic advice to build a sound, viable and pressure-tested rationale for acquisition(s)
  • Personalized, targeted outreach campaigns that specifically uncover strategic acquisition targets
  • Confidentiality and discretion to reduce competitive risk
  • Optimized valuation by identifying exclusive opportunities rather than auctions
  • Negotiation, deal structuring and execution assistance and support

While you and your team remains focused on running the business, our seasoned bankers swiftly but exhaustively identify meaningful, value-added strategic acquisition candidates. Rather than being distracted by the daily grind of managing an acquisition, your team becomes involved only when discussions have matured and we have qualified and vetted the right target.

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