Lender Management

Lender Management, also known as Loan Work-Out advice, is a critical factor when trying to improve your relationship with your lender.

When negotiating with lenders, you need an advisor with strong credibility and understanding . Often, the relationship between the bank and the management has deteriorated to the point beyond repair. A new advisor can change the relationship dynamic and initiate your company’s transition out of loan workout status.

Improving Your Relationship with Your Bank

Loan workout outcomes include rebuilding the lender/borrower relationship, buying time for a turnaround, and gaining bank support for the new direction charted. Midstreet Capital will simplify the lender management process and empower you with valuable advice and representation that can be used in lender negotiations.

We offer the following benefits for our clients:

  • Bank knowledge and credibility to improve the standing of your relationship with your bank
  • Strategic planning that assists you with building a path towards an eventual resolution
  • Communication expertise to understand goals and renew expectations for all stakeholders

Another eventual strategy in lender management and loan-workouts is finding a new capital provider with a better structure based on where your business is now and where it is headed. Our loan workout expertise has been leveraged in a variety of sensitive projects and will deliver an optimal outcome for you.

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