Leveraged Buy Out

Leveraged Buy Outs for Small Business Owners

Leveraged buy-outs involve an acquiring company purchasing a target company with the purchase price financed through the use of debt. Private equity firms pioneered leveraged buy-outs in the 1980’s. Their access to abundant debt capital allowed them to become a major force in the world of finance over the past 30 years. Our founding vision was to bring a level of debt sourcing efficiency to private companies in middle market. Our experience was that many private companies had difficulty raising leveraged buy-out capital to finance acquisition activity. We engineered a lending solution that allows private companies to finance acquisitions.

Our lending platform enables companies to quickly and efficiently secure leveraged buy-out loans. If properly structured, a mezzanine loan provides all of the funding needed to execute a leveraged buy out. Our solution has been refined over the last 20 years and simplifies the mezzanine loan sourcing process. Our solution is built upon our proprietary structuring tools, presentation tools, and connecting tools. These elements work together seamlessly to deliver high value financing on an expedited time-frame for our clients.

Our solution has been used in a variety of funding projects in a variety of industries. Whether an acquisition financing or buy-out, our solution will deliver a peak outcome.

Our solutions are quoted on a project basis.

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