Loan Syndication Services

Midstreet Capital is committed to participating with community banks, regional banks and funds across the United States, providing them with the opportunity to co-lend in senior secured (first lien) asset-based loans to borrowers under our Bank Servicing Program.

Our syndication services act as an intermediary in assisting lenders with finding the capital needed to fund transactions that provide institutional quality assets for their portfolios. The loans are designed with an emphasis on safety, soundness and absolute regulatory compliance. Like all of our Lender Services, it is designed to complement your bank’s priorities, conform to regulators and leverage a state of the art process.

An Overview of our Loan Syndication Services

  • Midstreet Capital or an affiliate will act as preliminary lead underwriter
  • Midstreet Capital will assist in originating the loan after lead has been identified
  • Midstreet will provide syndicated banks with monthly reports and analysis

The program is designed to have multiple benefits:

  • Save time and money on syndication identification
  • Increase Net Interest Margin and Yields while maintaining Collateral Security
  • Business Fee Income and Deposits
  • Quality assets and portfolio diversification

Our team will work closely with you throughout the loan syndication process to ensure that every aspect of the process is executed smoothly. Speak to one of our expert consultants today and find out how we can help your institution leverage the advantages that come with loan syndication.

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