Exit Planning

Your largest asset deserves a winning strategy.

Our Exit planning service is engaging in purposeful action to build and maximize Exit Value.

Our experience has taught us – and the market has proven – that the most prepared companies are the most valuable companies. That is why our Exit Planning approach has a focused objective. We help position your company for an optimal sale. We know what buyers demand and which factors contribute to reaching a premium price and ideal transition.

We’ve seen the price discounted or a failed transaction due to a weak management team, poor financial reporting, supplier dependence, high customer concentration, and many other factors. With purposeful exit planning, most of these pitfalls can be avoided. Our goal is to help you minimize risk by viewing your company from the perspective of a buyer.

Often, we help business owners:

  • Build a sustainable management team
  • Improve financial management
  • Lower risk
  • Build an exit roadmap
  • Execute key strategic initiatives
  • Connect with key resources to help them overcome growth hurdles

We believe preparing our clients’ largest asset deserves a winning strategy. To do that, we run a methodical, proven process geared to achieve the best financial and personal outcome for our client and for all stakeholders. Advising and developing an exit plan varies from client to client because each client presents their own set of circumstances that we need to identify. Our goal is to align your business with your expectations by implementing a defined process that increases your business value, decreases exit risk and gets you prepared.

Our goal is to identify potential risks like client concentration or business model behaviors to implement a plan to improve or remove those risks to increase the likelihood of a successful exit.

This unique process allows business owners to:

  • Identify the financial gap between where the business is today and where it needs to be to support a successful exit.
  • Start building a transferrable business that can successfully function without the owner.
  • Position the company to meet the owner’s financial objectives.
  • Prepare the owner and company for the Exit Planning Process.

Acquisitions and divestitures happen all the time but whether yours is successful is dependent on you being equipped with the right information and the right team to take you through the process. From our experienced approach to negotiations, to the due diligence we perform in preparation for an acquisition or divestiture, Midstreet Capital has years of successful experience navigating the many unique variables inherent in these transitions.

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