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Equipment Financing for Business Owners

Wise business owners know that leasing equipment is often a more sound decision than buying equipment. A recent survey found that approximately 80 percent of US based businesses of all sizes lease their equipment. Leasing equipment allows companies to obtain needed assets without using valuable capital. Businesses who lease equipment are eligible for tax breaks and equipment upgrades.

Gaining access to the proper equipment is critical to improving your company’s efficiency and boosting sales. That is why at Midstreet Capital, we are proud to offer reasonable equipment leasing options with little or no money down. We can provide financing for various types of business equipment, from laptops and fax machines to fitness equipment.

We Provide Customized Leasing Options

Our specialists have the expertise to customize each lease to meet the complex needs of your company. We offer both middle market for leases up to $500,000 and large ticket financing for business equipment needs in the millions of dollars. We also offer other financing options, including:

Sale and Lease Back

This program uses the equity found in your company’s existing equipment to gain capital. We purchase the equipment and lease it back to you. After the final payment has been made, your business will own the equipment.

Startup Leases

It can be difficult for startup businesses to obtain financing from traditional financial institutions. Our startup program helps entrepreneurs who have been in operation for two years or less get the equipment they need to become successful.

Second Chance Program

The recent economic downturn has damaged the credit of many companies. We provide equipment financing solutions for companies with B, C and D credit ratings and can help you reestablish your company’s business credit.

Government and Municipal Leasing

We offer lease financing to government and municipal entities with guaranteed approval.

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In addition to the benefits listed above, leasing can offer the following advantages:

  • No impact on your bank credit lines
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Most importantly, save cash for other important business needs

We offer a variety of equipment leasing programs that you can choose from. Let us help you find the option most suitable for your needs.

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