Alternative Lending

Alternative lending refers to a growing industry of now primarily digitally based lending platforms for different commercial needs.

Midstreet Capital works with Community Banking Institutions to identify new products that can complement their existing culture and enhance their strategies to give them a competitive advantage in their local markets. Alternative lending programs can take multiple shapes and sizes from Asset Based Lending programs to now popular, Merchant Cash Advance industry.

Although these products are generally geared towards high interest and cost for their borrowers, if done correctly, the program can provide a tremendous value to their business while generating significant profits for the institution. In fact, recent consumer trends have indicated a growing number of businesses looking towards alternative lending for their capital requirements.

When identifying which product or direction a lender should take, it’s important to understand that the platform that is ultimately selected should be complete, provide an end-to-end experience and include all aspects of the transaction. Given the consistent technological advancements within the field of alternative lending, many Community Banking Institutions have been struggling to leverage the new opportunities available to them.

That’s where we come in. At Midstreet Capital, we pride ourselves in our ability to identify strategic avenues for growth by leveraging the latest consumer trends and technologies. Working closely with you as a financial partner, our expert team are here to help you infuse new products and implement new strategies that will help you achieve your institution’s goals. We take pride in getting results for our clients and understand exactly what it takes to ensure the future prosperity of your organisation.

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