Since inception, Midstreet Capital has treated our financial partners like our clients.

Over 90% of our transactions are referred to us through an introduction by another professional. We respect and value the role other professionals provide to clients and we are consistently looking to expand relationships with these individuals and firms that can better help serve OUR clients.

We believe in providing value, tangible knowledge and exceptional service to our partners and their clients.  It has clearly been more difficult to find reliable, consistent source of commercial financing solutions through institutional financing channels since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, and the tougher regulatory environment for these institutions has only made it harder for them to provide commercial loans. The average bank is challenged not only to retain and grow its loan portfolio, but to diversify it but it seems that more often than not, a transaction you refer is not qualified and turned down after weeks of review.

We understand that time is money for both you and your clients and that is why we work tirelessly to ensure transactions are structured correctly from the onset to quicken time to close.

Some of the partners that benefit from working with Midstreet Capital include:


More than just a referral partner, we look to be a constant resource for you and your clients. We can help your clients get a strategic assessment of their business and the capital options available to them.


As a constant partner to your clients the amount of requests you get a day can be overwhelming. Having a partner, a resource of your own is important. We've help accountants with financial models, due diligence support and raising capital for their clients.

Commercial Bankers & Brokers

As a Commercial Banker or Broker, your concern is getting the deal done for your client without jeopardizing the relationship. We can work with you to structure deals with other lenders, find alternative products or put a plan in place to help the client get back in compliance.

Mortgage Bankers & Brokers

With technology making it harder to compete, more brokers are looking to expand their business by complimenting the residential deals with Commercial. Sometimes these deals aren't so easy. Let us help you navigate the options, for you and your clients.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

More and more Realtors are starting to list their clients commercial properties and business but don't have the expertise, let us work with you to successfully manage the transaction.

Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors

Managing your clients personal assets is just one part of the puzzle, work with us to help ensure your clients company's value is maximized and ready to sell. Client's may also have majority of their wealth in their business or real estate and liquidating a portion of their asset might be defensive part of their reallocation.

Retail Bankers & Branch Staff

Constantly tasked with managing clients, growing the p&l, learning the products, just to find out you can't help the client like you've wanted to. We can help your client find the right product and make sure your relationship is maintained.

Business Brokers & Investment Bankers

Business Brokers & Investment Bankers are a staple to our business. We are constantly called up to arrange financing. We are also heavily into buy-side representation for multiple clients and can be a potential resource for your exits.

Insurance Agents & Brokers

Every transaction we conduct requires some kind of insurance, whether it's property or keyman. Insurance agents are a big part of our business and we can be a big part of yours.

Equipment Lenders & Brokers

We are often called on when they are unable to fit a product into their credit box and need guidance on additional products. Often one of our SBA Lender Client's is able to accommodate, in other circumstances an ABL product is better suited.
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