Lender Services

Commercial Banking Services

SBA & USDA Lending

The purpose of SBA lending is to fuel small business growth by helping businesses with a reasonable chance of succeeding, access capital on sustainable terms.

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C&I Lending

Midstreet Capital’s industry expertise and credit availability, community banks can quickly, and cheaply add quality floating rate loans and diversify their portfolio.

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Alternative Lending

Alternative lending programs can take multiple shapes and sizes from Asset Based Lending programs to now popular, Merchant Cash Advance industry.

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Capital Markets

Portfolio Strategies

We are active advisors to direct borrowers, we have an increase deal flow that can be parlayed in to a portfolio strategy to counter any concentration and asset risk.

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Midstreet Capital works both inside and outside our network clients to participate in these loans, giving financial institutions the opportunity to accept transactions that may be of greater asset quality, limit risk and increase net interest income.

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Loan Syndication Services

Our syndication services act as an intermediary in assisting lenders with finding the capital needed to fund transactions that provide institutional quality assets for their portfolios.

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Loan Portfolio Sales

Midstreet Capital matches the buyer and seller of commercially oriented loan portfolios, ensuring each institution meets its operational and financial goals for the transaction.

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