Partnership Buyout

Shareholder or Partner Buyout Financing

We are focused on raising capital for shareholder or partner buyouts. With deep experience in raising both debt and equity to finance partner buyout transactions, we are a turn-key solution for business owners seeking to provide other shareholders with liquidity to support retirement, generational change or simplify ownership structures. With capital relationships across the country, we strive to deliver the cheapest, most flexible capital solutions with the right capital partners to support both the shareholder buyout and future growth of the business.

Because every situation is unique, we strive to deliver partner or shareholder buyout financing solutions based on the needs and resources of the business and key stakeholders. While both the remaining shareholder(s) and new capital providers’ interests must be aligned, in many cases, we’re able to provide financing options where the partner buyout is funded solely by external debt and/or equity capital providers, with little to no new shareholder capital infused in the transaction.

Buying Out a Business Partner

When an entrepreneur starts a new business, planning for a buyout of a business partner years in the future is rarely a top priority- but maybe it should be.

As businesses grow and evolve, so too do ownership or shareholder groups. The same partners or investors who took a company from startup to $20 million in revenues aren’t necessarily the right people to grow the company from $20 to $50 million, or $50 to $150 million, and so on.

Layer in retirements, partnership disputes and absentee or non-strategic owners receiving generous compensation, and making changes in ownership becomes increasingly more important (and costly) as the business grows.

In this guide, we’ll discuss:

  • When a Partner Buyout is a Solution
  • Valuing the Business
  • Structuring a Partner Buyout
  • Financing a Partner Buyout
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