Why Us

We truly understand the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Do you own real estate? You’re an entrepreneur. Management at a growing small business? You’re an entrepreneur. If you’re a financial institution and need to scale cost effectively, you’re also an entrepreneur and we know exactly what you need.

We understand that no two situations are the same and while one capital structure might have worked before, it may not work now. We pride ourselves on being strategic, outside the box thinkers that focus on getting the transaction done and providing honest feedback when we think it’s not a good fit.

We provide real insights, results and hard truths when situations are not ideal for our clients. With that, we have developed business principles that are formed from the ground up.

Client Focus

  • The strength in our client relationships highlights a mutually beneficial partnership over the longer term.
  • We understand our client’s competitive position and strategic goals.
  • We are honest and open with our clients in communicating our views about their capabilities.
  • We only make promises on what we know can be delivered.
  • We work with clients in the entire array of financial situations including businesses with adequate capital and financial capacity to achieve the desired transaction.
  • We work with the client to find ways achieve their goals.
  • We identify all of our client’s needs, many times it goes beyond just capital.


  • We are a strong believer in teamwork. We value the sharing of information since it is important to keep our clients and partners informed.
  • We take ownership of complex situations as they arise.
  • We demonstrate professional integrity with every transaction.

Risk Philosophy

  • Before taking on any risk, we identify, comprehend, evaluate and moderate risk.
  • Higher risk means higher compensation, we balance risk and reward.
  • Early identification of financial issues expands our capacity to act and better plan for our clients.

Risk Evaluation

  • We understand the purpose and the arrangement of all transactions.
  • After evaluating the risks, we act with urgency.
  • We are well-timed, precise and straightforward in credit risk analysis.
  • We value judgment, efficiency, and common sense, which is key to success.
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